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DesInventar is a conceptual and methodological tool for the generation of National Disaster Inventories and the construction of databases of damage, losses and in general the effects of disasters.

These methodologies and software has been developed by the DesInventar Project team with support from the following Institutions and Partners:

UNDRR, the UNITED NATIONS OFFICE FOR DISASTER RISK REDUCTION is the host and main sponsor of the development and world-wide dissemination of DesInventar, especially in Asia, Africa and Oceania.
UNDP, the UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME supports, uses in many countries and has generously funded in part the effort of DesInventar-web. UNDP has also provided its continous support spreading the ideas, methodology and tools around the world.
La Red
DesInventar project was initiated by LA RED, The Network of Social Studies on Disaster Prevention in Latin America. LA RED is a non-profit NGO with over 17 years of activities mainly in Latin America, the Caribbean and now Asia and Africa.
Special thanks to OSSO (Corporacion Observatorio Sismológico del Sur Occidente), where the inception of the project took place. OSSO support has been crucial for over 12 years to let DesInventar Project reach its maturity.

RobotSearch Software has provided countless man-hour of development to the project as a contribution to make this planet a better place. It also provides free hosting to www.desinventar.net

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