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DesInventar Server 9.2.11: ERROR CONNECTING TO DATABASE!!!

You have the Following options:

a) You want to provide/correct Database required parameters. You must later retry the Connection

b) You have fixed the problems with your Database (created an ODBC datasource?) and just want to retry the Connection

Pool status:
CONNECTION POOL: 1 connections allocated
sDriver=com.inzoom.jdbcado.DriversDatasource=jdbc:izmado:Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OleDB.4.0;data source=/usr/share/DesInventar/desinventar.mdb; Taken=true Status=false[NOT CONNECTED] Since=26 Feb 2017 15:04:12 GMT Errors= -com.inzoom.jdbcado.JdbcAdoException: could not load izmjniado.dll Expecting an absolute path of the library: c:\program files\infozoom\izmjniado.dll SRC=jdbc:izmado:Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OleDB.4.0;data source=/usr/share/DesInventar/desinventar.mdb;

Total Memory=502792192
Free Memory=151394784